About Us - Tuscon AZ

Welcome to Reproductive Health Center, your Tucson, AZ fertility clinic!

We’re truly glad you’re here. We’d like to introduce ourselves to you, and tell you about what we do and why we’re so passionate about this work.

In 1995, Dr. Scot Hutchison and his sister Holly Hutchison started Reproductive Health Center. After serving as co-Director of Assisted Reproductive Technologies at the prestigious School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, the team decided Tucson, AZ was the place they wanted to build a world-class center for reproductive health. Their philosophy was simple: Take time with patients. Learn as much as possible about them and their lifestyle, to help them achieve their dream of having a healthy child.

Dr. Hutchison is a compassionate, friendly doctor, and he readily admits that he worries excessively about his patients and their well being. This is evident when you meet him and the rest of the Reproductive Health Center staff. We’re a highly professional team with a focus on ensuring positive outcomes for our patients. So much so that we meet daily, over lunch, to discuss our patients’ progress, where they are in their process, and what they need from us that day. Honestly, there’s nothing else we’d rather be talking about over lunch than our patients and how they’re doing.

Taking the time to really know our clients empowers our team and ultimately gives our patients a more positive, holistic experience. At our Tucson fertility clinic, we’re committed to our community, and we’re dedicated to building healthy families, not just causing pregnancies.


Before undergoing any fertility treatment, it’s important to be well educated on the details of each procedure. Some of the procedures we perform include:

Have you previously had a vasectomy or had your tubes tied? Learn more about your options for conceiving after these procedures.

Holistic fertility care

At Reproductive Health Center, our goal is to help you create your family in a supportive and safe environment. Every one of our patients receives the best of both worlds by combining the comfortable, caring atmosphere of our private offices with a state-of-the-art laboratory facility, all in one location.

And because we practice an elevated degree of science, we have a holistic approach to the concept of family planning. At our Tucson, AZ fertility clinic, we are concerned with your overall health and well-being. Looking beyond traditional treatments, we use diet and wellness as a part of our overall program. Proper exercise, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and a variety of other life/balance skills are an important factor in your reproductive life. We feel so strongly about our wellness plan that even our staff takes part in this healthy way of being.

Reproductive Health Center proudly provides holistic fertility care to patients from throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, Mesa, and Flagstaff, as well as New Mexico and Western Texas.