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Finding a Fertility Clinic in Arizona

You’ve already been on a long journey toward starting your family. You’ve been trying to conceive naturally for months or years, and you may have tried all kinds of “natural remedies” for conception. Now, you’re ready to move on to using assisted reproductive technology to conceive your child. It’s time to look for a fertility clinic. But there are so many clinics around. How do you know which one to choose?

At our fertility clinic in Arizona, we take pride in providing the best possible care for our patients. We do this with compassion and honesty. How do we care for our patients?

Success Rates

The CDC collects and publishes data on fertility clinics, including pregnancy rates for patients. It may seem tempting to simply choose the fertility clinic with the highest success rates. However, this would be a mistake. Different clinics have very different patient populations; a clinic that treats more complex cases of infertility may have lower over all pregnancy rates than one that treats primarily more simple cases, even though the first clinic might actually be better at what they do.

So it’s really not as simple as choosing the highest success rate. The CDC recognizes this, and deliberately does not create rankings for fertility clinics. So although our success rates look good in the CDC studies, don’t just rely on those statistics. There’s much more to a fertility clinic.

Multiple Gestations

One factor you should consider when choosing your clinic is the rate of multiple gestations (twins or higher) in the patients who become pregnant at that clinic. While it may at first sound like fun, having multiple babies at the same time actually dramatically increases the risk of one or more of the babies having significant health problems and possibly not surviving. The healthiest pregnancy, both for mother and for baby, is a singleton pregnancy (where only one baby is in the uterus at a time).

Some clinics transfer many embryos with each IVF cycle, hoping to “pump up” their numbers in terms of IVF success rates. To have the best chance for a healthy pregnancy, it’s better for a clinic to be aware of the risks of multiple gestation, and transfer as few embryos as possible. At Reproductive Health Center of Tucson, our fertility clinic in Arizona, over 70% of our patients under age 36 have only one embryo transferred at a time. To us, a successful cycle results in a healthy singleton pregnancy, and we’re focused on that goal.

Focusing On You

It should come as no surprise that the most important factor when you’re choosing a fertility clinic should be to find a place where the focus will be on you. You’re an individual; no other fertility patient (and, indeed, no other human being) is exactly like you. You should feel treated like an individual, rather than like a piece on a conveyor belt.

Infertility is linked to stress. If your fertility clinic makes you feel more stressed, then your chances of getting pregnant there will go down. Not to mention that you can’t make the decisions that are right for you if you aren’t listened to with compassion and care, told about all of your options, and respected in your decisions. Infertility can be a tough journey, so make sure that your fertility clinic supports you along the way.

At our fertility clinic in Arizona, we focus on you as an individual. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all fertility treatment. We never treat any of our patients like they’re simply a set of boxes to be checked off on a form. We treat our patients like family, and it shows in how comfortable they feel coming here.

Holistic Treatment

Infertility involves the whole couple, and every aspect of your health and lifestyle could affect your fertility. So, to us, it doesn’t make sense to work with infertility patients simply by throwing technology at them. We focus on your overall health, helping you to achieve the best possible health in your body as well as your mind. We’re partnered with experts in nutrition, mind-body medicine, acupuncture, and massage, and we encourage all of our patients to take advantage of these resources. That not only makes it more likely that you’ll conceive, but it also helps you to have a healthy pregnancy, and even to be a better and healthier parent throughout your child’s life. We’re not just creating positive pregnancy tests; we’re helping to create healthy families.