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19 02, 2020

Hutchison’s Huddle: Getting Started at Reproductive Health Center

Taking the first step in your infertility journey is overwhelming. Here at Reproductive Health Center, we hope to ease new patient fears by laying out what our initial appointments look like. Whether you have Endometriosis, PCOS, Male Factor, are looking to use Donor Gametes, or have another fertility concern, our main goal is make sure you feel comfortable throughout your entire journey. Dr. Scot Hutchison took to Facebook to share our evaluation and testing process, as well as answering ... Read More
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17 07, 2018

Discover Your Fertility Options for LGBT Couples in Tucson

At the Reproductive Health Center, we believe that all people have the right to caring relationships and parenthood. Pregnancy requires a sperm and an egg.  For LGBT couples who desire to have children of their own, ongoing technological advances now make it possible for them to choose from several fertility options in Tucson.   Reproductive Health Center is a caring, safe and welcoming environment where you can discuss your options for family building with  Dr. Scot ... Read More
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09 05, 2018

Conceive After Permanent Birth Control in Tucson

Permanent pregnancy prevention is a decision that must be well thought out, thoroughly discussed, and agreed upon 100 percent by both parties in the relationship. It should only be undertaken if the woman and man are absolutely convinced they wish to not have any children at all or any more than they already have in their family. Yet, circumstances change. In time, one partner or the other may regret making the decision to undergo a tubal ligation or a vasectomy. In some instances, ... Read More
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22 02, 2018

Endometriosis can make conception difficult for couples in Tucson

Many women are aware of how painful endometriosis can be, especially during their periods.  Although cramping can be normal during a menstrual bleed, the patient with endometriosis can have severe pain during her period.  Pelvic pain is a common side effect of endometriosis as is difficulty conceiving a baby (in Tucson). For pregnancy to happen, an egg must release from the ovary,  and make its way through a fallopian tube where it is fertilized by a sperm cell.  Unfortunately, ... Read More
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12 02, 2018

Is it true that men should wear boxers to improve their fertility?

Is it true that men should wear boxers to improve their fertility? Infertility clinic Mesa AZ Couples who want to conceive a child get plenty of advice about how to maximize the chances of a baby. Many of our male patients have heard that they should wear boxers to improve fertility. So what's the truth about boxers and fertility? Does it really matter whether you wear boxers or briefs? Boxers are commonly recommended for fertility Boxers have often been recommended to improve fertility. ... Read More
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10 01, 2018

How much exercise is good for fertility?

How much exercise is good for fertility? Fertility doctor Phoenix area With the coming of the new year, many people are making resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. We always recommend to our patients that they make changes to improve their health as they're trying to start their families. Many people include getting more exercise as part of their New Year's resolutions. If you're trying to conceive, will exercise help? How much should you exercise? Too much exercise can impair ... Read More
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14 12, 2017

Do women make new eggs?

Do women make new eggs? – fertility clinic in Arizona The process of science is a continual process of discovery. As new research studies are done, old assumptions are questioned. For years, the belief in mainstream fertility science has been that women don't make any new eggs during adulthood, but rather are born with all of the eggs that they'll ever have. However, new research indicates a surprising possibility. It may be the case that women actually do make new eggs during ... Read More
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11 11, 2017

Ovarian tissue freezing may be the future of fertility preservation

Ovarian tissue freezing may be the future of fertility preservation Embryo and egg freezing Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding area Certain medical treatments may permanently affect the patient's fertility. For example, many types of cancer chemotherapy are toxic to the ovaries. When a girl or a woman is preparing to undergo these treatments, she (or her parents) may be thinking about how to preserve fertility for the future. A growing number of healthy women would like to delay childbearing ... Read More
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14 10, 2017

Ovarian reserve testing may not predict fertility

Research indicates that ovarian reserve testing may not be a good predictor of fertility – Tucson IVF clinic Ovarian reserve testing has been a mainstay of fertility treatment for years. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) may call this practice into question. The study indicates that ovarian reserve testing may not be the best predictor of outcomes. What might this study mean for you? What is ovarian reserve testing? The ovarian ... Read More
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14 09, 2017

The technology behind freezing eggs, sperm, and embryos

The technology behind freezing eggs, sperm, and embryos – fertility clinic near Scottsdale Although it was once thought to be impossible, cryopreservation (freezing) of eggs, sperm, and embryos has now become common. These types of tissues can now be placed into cold storage, and will still be viable (capable of life and development) when they are thawed. How has this become possible? What obstacles have scientists overcome to help couples have families? Why do people freeze eggs, sperm, ... Read More
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