Reproductive Health Education - Arizona

If you’re currently receiving Arizona fertility treatment at our clinic, you’re in the right place.

Education is a big part of your infertility treatment. The more you understand, the more you are in control of your care and your outcome. Our staff prides itself on helping you understand all your options, your test results and your treatment protocols. The team at our Arizona fertility treatment center, serving communities throughout the state, has developed many patient education tools to assist you with decision-making and to help guide you through your therapy. Make sure you check out our extensive informational sections on Fertility Treatment and Fertility Treatment for Specific Populations.

Before you come

When you first become a patient with us, we’ll need you to fill out some forms. We know most people don’t love forms, but this is a necessary and important part of your care. Ideally, you should get us the forms before your appointment, so that Dr. Hutchison has time to review them before he sees you. This will allow him to make the best use of your appointment time. There’s a separate form for each member of the couple, a male patient form and a female patient form. (Note: If you’re a same-sex couple, you’ll need to fill out two female or two male forms. Check out our LGBT page to learn more about what options you have for becoming parents.)

More advanced education

After you’re done reading the information on IVF in our educational section, you may want to learn more. This is by far the most common treatment performed at our clinic, and many patients would like to have a deeper knowledge of what to expect and what choices they’ll be making. We’re offering our IVF ebook completely free to our patients, to allow you to indulge your appetite for learning if you would like. Of course, there’s no requirement to read it – this isn’t homework, but rather an offering from us to those who want it.

Cost information

One of the main sources of concern for prospective parents undergoing Arizona fertility treatment is the potential cost. We have lots of information on the cost of fertility treatment, including whether insurance will cover it and how you can finance your treatment. We even provide sample costs for IUI and IVF, with real dollar figures rather than wishy-washy talk.