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What does IVF cost? – IVF New Mexico

Below we have provided sample pricing for a typical IVF cycle. Of course, IVF cost does vary between patients. Many fertility clinics stop at saying that, and don’t provide anything more specific; we’re offering real dollar figures here, although of course your exact costs will depend on your specific situation. Dr. Hutchison and our team will work with you to determine which treatment is the right course of action for your specific needs. Medication costs will vary depending on the types needed and your coverage for these medications under your insurance plan.

Cycle Monitoring

Ultrasound (3@ $130)

Estradiol (3 @ $70)





Our typical cycle has 3 monitoring appointments.
Egg Retrieval

Cycle Management

Oocyte Aspiration

Ultrasound Guide


Oocyte Identification

Sperm Preparation

Blastocyst Culture

ICSI (Sperm Injection)

Assisted Hatching









No charge

No charge


Cycle management includes injection teaching, patient education and 24 hour access to the medical team during your IVF cycle.Services for Assisted Hatching and ICSI are included in the cost of the cycle. If testicular biopsy sperm is used there is a $1000 charge for sperm preparation.We use only Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and the safest protocols for anesthesia care
Embryo Transfer


Ultrasound Guide

Embryo Prep






Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing (vitrification)

$600 The price of freezing any remaining embryos after transfer includes storage to the following July.


Cost of medication will depend on patient protocol and current prices at the pharmacy

Estimated cost for a typical cycle is $2000

This is paid to the pharmacy, not the office.
Only FDA approved medications from the USA are used for treatment.
TOTAL $9300

Cycle monitoring costs are due at the time of service. Each monitoring visit typically costs $200, which includes the ultrasound and estradiol. Egg retrieval costs are due prior to the egg retrieval. Transfer and embryo freezing are paid on the day of transfer. In the event no embryos remain to freeze, you will not be charged the $600 fee. Storage for embryos for years 1 through 5 is $250 and is billed in July. Storage fees after year 5 will increase to $500 per year.

This pricing is for cash pay only. Insurance coverage will be billed according to contract and is billed to the contracted insurance company. Coverage will depend on the patient’s benefit. Prior authorization may be required and medication may need to be ordered at the insurance companies contracted pharmacy. Please check your benefit before beginning any procedure.