As Dr. Scot Hutchison clarifies, fertility experiences a sharp decline with age for both, men and women. Fertility in women diminishes rapidly as she gets older, especially after the age of 35. Besides having trouble in conceiving, older women may confront various other complications which can lead to miscarriage that is if they do get pregnant. Reproductive Health Center, Tucson offers a wide range of treatment alternatives to infertile couples including fertility drugs, IVF, ICSI, Tubal Reversal Surgery, and Genetic Testing.

Dr. Scot Hutchison

People often ask, you know, what is the relationship between age and fertility? And unfortunately as, both, males and females age, our fertility declines. There’s some fairly sharp declines, probably around age 30, again at around age 35, 36 and then at around 40 and even beyond that things tend to slide further. So, we try if we can, to have people have children as soon as they feel that it’s right for them in their lives. Delaying child bearing for a long period of time can create a lot of heartache because the chance of pregnancy will go down significantly and the chance of miscarriage will rise. Because we have to remember, human eggs are made when the woman is, before she is even born. And from then on they are in a relatively quiescent state when they’re not really changing and that’s a long time for an individual cell to remain absolutely perfect for a long, for decades really. Even males have declining fertility as they age and after age 40, we tend to see more children born to fathers who are older will have dwarfism, or potentially schizophrenia or some other medical problems that can crop up. And I think it’s important for males also to realize that the fertilize ability of sperm maybe actually lower as they get older as well. So, it may not be just more difficult to get pregnant, but it may be more likely that they have babies with significant problems. That tends to be relatively smaller risk overall, but it’s something we need to take into consideration.

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