Unlike other health centers and clinics, Reproductive Health Center, Tucson is transparent about the cost of various treatments offered by them. As Holly Hutchison states, people who seek fertility treatment in Tucson can refer to their website to get a fair estimate of the market cost of various procedures available. Joan Danhke, Billing Assistant at Reproductive Health Center, discusses various financing options offered by them to the patients. Similarly, Carol Peterson, who is the Front Office Manager, shares some of the insurance alternatives. She advises patients to consult the customer services team of their insurance company to check if their fertility treatment is covered. In case it is, patients need to inform in advance so that she can arrange the prior authorization, which takes around thirty days.

Holly Hutchison

IVF Coordinator/Practice Manager

We understand at Reproductive Health Center that the cost of treatment for fertility services is very expensive and once you’ve been given the diagnosis that you have a fertility, you need fertility treatment, it’s very difficult sometimes to figure out exactly what things are going to cost. For that reason, we’ve put on our website complete packages of what each of the services will cost and it shows you exactly, what’s included in that service. So, if you are shopping other clinics or other websites to see what their pricing is, you can use ours as a template for what to ask. Many clinics don’t put their pricing on the internet. So, you won’t know what they are exactly charging and when you call, they won’t tell you. If you call just for a specific thing like I want to know what IVF costs, they’ll tell you maybe five thousand dollars, but they are not telling you that it doesn’t include your embryo transfer, other services that you need to complete the IVF cycle. So, look at our website if you have questions of other providers then you can use ours as a template for what to ask for.

Joan Dahnke

Billing Assistant

We offer different financing for our patients. They can use prosper health care or they can file for assistance for loan through ARC. Because the links are right on the website, it’s very easy to go ahead and you can apply right away just to see with a quick check to see you’d even qualify or not, for different amounts and if you don’t qualify you can also try your spouse or another relative maybe that would like to apply to see if they qualify for you. We want to make things easy for you. The last thing you need to worry about is your financing, let us help you. Give us a call; we are here to help you.

Carol Peterson

Front Office Manager

We do take insurance, Aetna, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue shield, Health Net, Cigna. And most of those cover the realm of insurances that come through our office. All insurance companies offer benefits that cover infertility. It depends if your plan has that coverage. So, I recommend that you call customer service on the back of your insurance card. Just ask them what your benefits are for fertility treatment diagnostics. When it comes to treatment many plans do require, if you have coverage they do want a prior authorization. Let us know if you are planning on treatment, preferably as far in advance as possible because it does take up to thirty days to get the prior authorization.

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