Becoming an egg donor in Tucson is a choice that can be life-changing for both, the donor and the recipient. Randi Weinstein, IVF & egg donor coordinator at Reproductive Health Center tells about the role played by the egg donors in the IVF cycle. Randi finds egg donors and coordinates the patients’ cycle to enhance the chances of having a healthy baby. Infertility is one of the biggest challenges confronted by a large number of couples. Their hopes of having a baby begin to dwindle.  That is precisely why Randi deems egg donation to be the noblest present any woman can give to such couples.

Randi Weinstein, PhD.

Hi, my name is Rand and I am the IVF and egg donor co-ordinator here. And I’m involved in helping to recruit egg donors and matching them with recipients and then once patients are set to do an IVF cycle, whether it be a patient who’s using her own eggs or whether she is using donor eggs, I help to coordinate those cycles which means putting together a protocol, ordering medications, making sure they understand what visits they need to come for and just following up on their progress. The egg donors are making a very big commitment to helping another woman to start a family and the women that we generally have, who are interested in becoming egg donors are young and they often know somebody who has struggled with infertility. They’ve read about the process of egg donation and think that it’s something that they can do to help another woman. This is a great place to work. The people here are all very dedicated and compassionate and I think, really interested in individual patients. They really care about the patients and helping them through their treatment and helping them to achieve their goals of starting a family. What’s really is exciting is when you do see the end result, when someone has worked so hard to achieve starting their family and they bring that baby in and they’re so proud of how it’s all turned out.

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