Jose J Hernandez, Director of Laboratories, Reproductive Health Center Tucson, talks about the role played by him and his staff that works behind the scenes in the laboratory. They deploy various techniques including ICSI and IVF to help couples realize their dream of parenthood. Jose mentions that their end objective is to attain 100% efficiency and they constantly strive for same. For any couple suffering from fertility issues in Nogales, Arizona, it is recommended to opt for a completely safe infertility treatment at the Reproductive Health Center.

Jose J Hernandez, PhD

Director of Laboratories

At laboratory of Reproductive Health Center, we have the best services available for our patients. Among those services we have In Vitro Fertilization, the technique of ICSI and many more. We are proud to offer those services at the highest efficiency possible. We understand that our actions in the laboratory are so important for your embryos to attain their maximum potential to develop. So, we want to give them that chance. And we’d not settle for less than 100% efficiency. In the lab actually, this is, it is the only place in which we can achieve almost zero percent variability by making sure that all the techniques are done over and over and over the same way, with the same environment and that way we make sure that your eggs and their sperm and the embryos produced with those gametes are going to have the best chance of developing to blastocysts or B3 embryos and produce a pregnancy. We are interested not only in helping you get pregnant but also we want to take care of you by not allowing multiple pregnancies. We are, in this lab, we are the number one enemy of triplets. We welcome twins, but we are very happy with singletons. So, thank you for your time. I will be happy to help you.

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