Office Tour – Reproductive Health Center, Tucson

In this video, Holly Hutchison, MS, gives a brief tour of her office. She emphasizes on providing the patients with a safe, comfortable and healthy environment and the ultra-modern medical and monitoring devices at Reproductive Health Center play an important role in that. Patients can wait in comfort sitting on the leather chairs placed in the waiting room. Besides the front office, conference and three exam rooms, there is an IVF suite with anesthesia monitoring equipment, high-tech embryology laboratory, and Andrology lab and hormone assay laboratory at the Reproductive Health Center, Tucson.

Holly Hutchison, MS

At the Reproductive Health Center we strive to have a non-threatening, non-clinical environment. You’ll notice in our waiting room that we have comfy leather chairs. It’s set up like a living room. We try not to have people have to wait in here for too long, but we do make it very comfortable. Umm, as you proceed down the hall, you’ll notice our front office where John and Juliana work diligently to make appointments and to keep people on schedule and also, to keep Dr. Hutchison on schedule. And you’ll notice, after you’ve passed that area that we have a very comfortable conference room. Further down the hall we have three exam rooms, each of them with a different color. They’re a little bit more clinical looking. We’ve ultrasound machines in here that we utilize and then in the center we have a nurse’s station. And the nurse’s station is where we also do our blood draws. It’s got a really nice window in it. It’s not very clinical. As you proceed down the hall, umm, on one side, gives you access to our IVF suite, where we do the actual IVF procedures. You’ll notice in this room that there is a full anesthesia monitoring equipment and this is equipment that if anyone were to remotely have a problem in anesthesia, I would just could resuscitate them at any moment.  Through the IVF retrieval room is the recovery suite and this room is very, we try to keep it very pleasant and it has its own bathroom en-suite. Out of the IVF retrieval room is the actual hi-tech embryology laboratory. This room has all the equipment that the embryologists need and use to create the embryos in. So, the eggs are, once the eggs are retrieved, they go immediately into this room and immediately into culture and incubators that keep them at body temperature and also in the dark. They are given all the nutritional supplements they need, everything that they need to mimic life inside the body. This room is a very very special room and has extremely limited access only to the embryology personnel. Umm, at the end of our hallway, we have the wall of fame, which is our baby board, which we really enjoy seeing and there is offices back here for both, embryology and my office, which is kind of a catch all office sometimes. Umm, and then at the very end of the hall is the Andrology lab and the hormone assay laboratory and that’s pretty much the layer of the embryologists and also, of Pamela, who is the medical assistant and she performs the semen analysis along with Dr. Hernandez and Teresa and then also does the blood testing for us.

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