Holly Hutchison, MS, speaks about the stress endured by couples who are facing infertility issues in Nogales, Arizona. She says that often women who are having trouble in conception get vexed and vent out their frustration some way or the other. That is precisely where Holly steps in and calms them down. She cites the example of a couple that visited Reproductive Health Center, Tucson for fertility treatment. The wife, in particular, was quite stressed out. So, Holly comforted her and assured her of having a baby. She recommended the couple to opt for IVF, which changed their attitude and their life in general as they were finally successful in having their own baby.

Holly Hutchison, MS

Our patients become very, very stressed out and they’re emotional and really have a hard a hard time with what they’re doing. And so sometimes that comes out as being angry or being angry with the office. I enjoy being able to take an angry patient, who’s really just upset at everything else in the world and helping them understand that we are there to really help. I can think of one couple in particular, that had, I think it had been three or four years they had been attempting conception and finally one day the wife looked at me and she said, “Am I ever going to be able to have a child?” And I looked at her and said “yes, you will have a child.” What I was thinking in the back of my mind was at some point you’ll have a child. Whether you adopt or we use another, you know, gametes from another woman, whatever it is, I knew this couple what they really wanted was to just have a baby. It didn’t matter how they have the baby. They weren’t sold on having to use their own eggs and sperm. And said and, when I said that to her, I think it suddenly dawned on her that she really could have a baby. And the stress level seemed to just melt away. So, they went through their IVF cycle and she was a completely different patient in that cycle because she knew that somebody had told her that she was going to have a child and she conceived. And it was wonderful.

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