The Watts successfully conceived after undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) at our clinic in Tucson, Arizona. Here, they talk about the quality of the care they received during the treatment process. If you’re considering infertility treatment and would like to find out how the Reproductive Health Center could help you

The Watts Family

Hi I am Pecky Watts and I’m Chad and we came in, we have been sort of trying for, about what, probably 5 years. We haven’t used anything to not try anyway. And so then we finally decide to come to Dr. Hutchison. We went on the familiar first and then they have another center section where you take a bunch of hormones and so, because of our age we decided to skip that and just went right to IVF. And lucky for us, it happened the first time. When she called and told us that we were actually pregnant, I’m like “ok, that’s no joking matter”, you sure”. She’s like, Becky, I would no joke about that. So, it was and ofcourse, we called everybody we knew. It’s one of those situations where it’s a, emotional and financial roller coaster that you go through. And if anybody could do it well, they do it. You walk in and they know you from that. The first time you have to tell you your name and after that you walk in, which is amazing because they have so many couples they see. And it’s more specialized and personalized. And they make you feel like a person instead of a number.

You know it’s easy for somebody, lot of education, doctors and stuff to start talking over your head. Me, not being in medical field, I was just like, what is this, what is this and they took their time and explained everything and so, it was great for me to, kind of, learn about that stuff the same time. The emotional things is different for the guy than it is for the female, but same time, the guys got to go through that every month of you know you are not pregnant, you’re not pregnant. Which we expected right after. You know, they told us, you know, this might or might not work. You know, you just maybe, maybe somebody that it doesn’t work for. So, that was probably the good thing is they were straight up with you the whole time.

But, sensitive at the same time too. And that is a, that’s hard mix to kind of balance, but they do it very well.

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