The Souvignier Family bears testimony to the infertility treatment they received at Reproductive Health Center, Tucson, Arizona. After trying to conceive for more than a year, the Souvigniers visited Dr. Scot Hutchison, who along with his team of experts deployed a blend of cutting edge technology and treatments, such as IVF, to help the couple become parents. After going through the IVF cycle and waiting for two years, Chad and Terese Souvignier were blessed with twins. The couple also gives a special mention to the hands-on approach of Dr. Hutchison and the caring attitude of the staff.

The Souvignier Family

And we ended up coming to Dr. Hutchison after, I guess, trying to get pregnant, after a year or more. And we’d just moved to town and had started some testing in our other city. And just initial testing and so we came to Dr. Hutchison. And just to try to see what was going on because we didn’t know why we weren’t getting pregnant. This is where we started.

It was in total, maybe, a two year process. Ya, I think we came here in May of 2003 to start and got pregnant in March 2005. At the moment we got pregnant was amazing. You know, Holly and the whole gang calling us on the phone and they’re super excited for us and just, just the way that, you know, just amazing. And our blood count was pretty high, so we had a good idea we were having twins. So, that was pretty awesome too. Dr. Hutchison and Holly both, it’s, you know, it’s such a difficult process that you go through. And you are, it’s such an emotional draining process and they’re great. They come in; they know your name right away. They work with you and it’s more like, you know, it’s better than having just a doctor because the doctor tells you what to do. They’re involved in the process. They take the time out day after day. They go beyond the call, what you would expect from a doctor. I think about them even a lot, even now. It’s just that they, you know, I’m so happy to have these kids and lot of times I put them down for naps and I just cry and think about them that I am so lucky that we had this place to come to. And like Chad was saying, it was awesome to have doctors that you could tell really cared about you. No one knows your medical situation like they do. No one knows what it’s like to go through and so, they were a huge resource to come to the talk to. To help you decide, you know what to do next and you could tell they cared about you. They were just always great and they’re still great. You know, I still see him, I still call, still always know our names. So, they’re, you can just tell that they are great people. Good doctors and great people in general.

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