The Orozco Family bears testimony to the exceptional treatment they received at Reproductive Health Center, Tucson. Anira talks about her nervousness during when she first visited Dr. Hutchison for infertility treatment in Tucson. However, in the extremely friendly and personalized environment provided by Dr. Hutchison and his staff, all her anxieties vanished. She now has two sons, one four years old and the other one ten months old. Both her children were results of advanced infertility treatment and she, along with her husband, Fred, are very happy with their overall experience.

The Orozco Family

I’m Anira, Fred. What’s your name? I’m Jake and this is Benjamin. And we actually came for both of our kids. I tell everyone, especially, the first time because you’re, I was very nervous and we don’t know what’s going to happen but you go from being in this environment to going into your regular doctor and it’s culture shock whereas here you are very individualized and taken care of very well. Every question you have, doesn’t matter how small it is, gets answered. The best part about Dr. Hutchison is just the fact that he is able to do this, that, you know, we were know we were able to have two beautiful boys in a very new fashion. So, the fact that its successful is the best part about our. He’s just in and the rest of the staff is just great. Very personable and after our first was four years ago and then this one is going to be 10 months. It’s just a very long process and very difficult process but we’re able to get through like this, so close to everybody. Thank you Dr. Hutchison.

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