Joanna Jongsma gives an overview of her experience as an employee at Reproductive Health Center, Tucson. Many women experience issues related to infertility in Tucson. Joanna explains that how bringing joy to her patients by helping them to achieve their dream of parenthood is the biggest perk of her job. Her personalized approach is always a pleasant surprise for her patients who are extremely appreciative of it. Joanna gives a special mention to an experience where she witnessed the baptism of her patient’s children. It was a delightful experience for her.

Joanna Jongsma, Office Manager

The most interesting aspect of my job is having been here for ten years, I have the joy of seeing patients come back for their second child. And the report that is established in the initial consultation and visit and follow through in pregnancy, and coming back to show us the child or children as the case may be and then to come back for more. They’ve had a very positive experience and they want to repeat that experience. So, it’s, I’ve been gifted with remembering people’s names, personalities, relatives, where things have happened in their lives, whether their mother was ill or not ill and I recall that. So, it helps me to keep a good contact with the patient. And they’re always surprised that I remember who they are. So, it’s kind of funny when somebody hasn’t seen us for a while, they walk in and I say, Oh hi Suzy and they go, you remember me? Ya, I remember you, how’s your child? And that kind of a thing. I can think of a particular patient who is also a member of my church. So, it was a great joy to be able to go when she had her children baptized and go to the baby’s baptism and make that that follow through. And you know, to watch her all through her pregnancy because we don’t often get to see that. We get them pregnant, they go off to their OBs and if they’re lucky they’ll come back and see us. But, lots of times we don’t get to see the whole progress. The whole process from to delivery and then the babies, as a result. In her case, she had twins and it was just such a treat to see the children get baptized. And then to see them grow up. So, I get to see a little bit further beyond what the practice would allow.

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