The Palmour Family bears testimony to Dr. Scot Hutchison and Holly Hutchison and their advanced fertility treatment. Mrs. Palmour and her husband had been trying to have a baby for two years with no success when their doctor recommended them to visit Dr. Hutchison. Blocked fallopian tubes were the cause behind her failure to conceive till now. However, with proper treatment under the guidance of Dr. Hutchison, Mrs. Palmour was finally able to experience the joy of parenthood. She now has two kids, both as a result of quality treatment and proper care provided by Dr. Hutchison. The Palmour family praises Dr. Hutchison and his staff for their friendly and understanding approach. They seem very satisfied with the results and recommend every couple confronted by infertility in Tucson to contact Dr. Hutchison.

The Palmour Family

Successful Clients

We tried having a baby for two years and my OB did some procedure with me to find out what’s going on and found out that I had blocked fallopian tubes. So she called Dr. Hutchison, and it was a few, like a month later and they called us and we came for an appointment and we had success with Camden. So we put two embryos in and he was one of them. And he was a miracle and we were, I mean, ya he was amazing. It took six times and Scot and Holly were with us. They definitely, you know, they just, you know, helped us to stay the course and you know, I think that their belief and, you know procedure and it is going to work, you know at times its hard to stay the course, especially when everything is out of your control. So, it paid off. So, I am glad we did. This is the most amazing, I mean. And then Dr. Hutchison always said you know if we could just get you pregnant, if we just get you pregnant, it’s going, it’s going to, you know, change things. You are going to get pregnant again and I thought there is no way because it took so long to have him. And then sure enough, we had, Rob and I, had a discussion like you know, let’s try again. We tried for a while and called Dr. Hutchison because we thought for sure we’ll be calling again. And we tried one month and here is our little number two.

I really felt comfortable with, you know, everyone here, you know, makes you feel kind of a, they’re real personable and they treat you like family almost you know. They understand the sensitivity I think of the, what they’re dealing with you know, which I’m sure you know part of the gig when you’re doing this kind of stuff. So, there is a lot of emotion involved. They’re really sensitive too. They really treat you with respect and they make you feel like you are one of their own, which made us feel super comfortable with the whole thing, you know the whole process and umm, you know we’re just super blessed that they even came into our life, you know. If anyone struggling with fertility in general and if they live in Tucson, I’ll say, already do, we’ve recommended them. But I just tell anyone even friends that live out of state like, you are having problems you need to you know seek out doctors in your area because you know, you can make it happen. We wish you lived here because we will send you to Scot for sure. But if they do live here, if they do live here, you know, absolutely, you know. They are our first referral for sure. And we’re thankful to, you know, your doctor for, set it up to begin with, you know, because she is the one who send us here. And I think also like financially this is a big endeavour for families and you know, we’re just average people, I’m a teacher and we thought, “Oh my gosh! How we are going to do this”. I think they are also sensitive to that and they try to work with you, which helps. (Yeah absolutely). They’re understanding of that. The outcome in the end, I mean, it is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience really, you know. I mean it is the miracle of life, you know and that coming too fruish and it was just amazing. So we were so grateful for the whole experience. You know, they were so focused on getting it right. You know, making it happen, which, you know, they were confident. You know, which makes you feel confident. You know, you’ve been going through all of the trials and tribulations of repeated failure, you know. So, it’s like a coach, you know, just kind of coaching you along. Stay the course, stay with the game, you know. So, and they were right.

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