Sean & Kara are one of the many couples who received successful treatment at Reproductive Health Center, Tucson, Arizona. During their stay at Alabama, Sean & Kara approached a clinic for their fertility issues, but were not satisfied with the care and treatment they received there. For that reason precisely, they opted to get in touch with Dr. Hutchison. They are extremely pleased with his personalized approach. Dr. Hutchison and his team consider the patients as a part of an extended family, which reflects in their friendly, caring and understanding attitude. The best thing about Reproductive Health Center, Tucson, which Sean also mentions, is that the patients are not kept waiting for a long time. Sean & Kara highly recommend anyone looking for safe and effective IVF treatment in Tucson to visit Dr. Hutchison.

Sean & Kara

Successful Clients

We are extremely happy that we found Dr. Hutchison. Yeah, we truly know the difference between poor care and good care. And living two years in Alabama before coming back to the office here, we were never really treated like we are treated like family here. It was, we never saw the doctor there and it was kind of always like, it was mailed in. They didn’t spend any time with us. Here it is the complete opposite. We’re treated more like family and the actual care goes above and beyond kind of what I think our initial expectations were.

Right, we see, every time we came in the office we see Dr. Hutchison. Everyone knows us by name, they welcome us. It’s just a very friendly environment here. As soon as you walk in the door, you remember the smile. There isn’t whole lot of waiting and sitting around. It’s kind of whenever you come in here, you come in here for, you want to hear good news, you want to hear right away. So, if you coming in and you’re kind of sitting, you kind of have the tendency to let your thoughts wander. So, whenever we were coming in, I mean, it was five minutes before we’d be in the back seeing something and finding out what the next step in the process is going to be.

I appreciated that everyone knew who we were, every single time. Umm, I come from a family of doctors. So, I’m kind of picky about what happens in the doctor’s office and umm, the fact that they knew who we were, called us by name every single time. They knew where we were at in the process and very sensitive to certain situations, umm, I felt really comfortable and at ease with the staff and everyone here. Very easy going, very professional, very family oriented. Almost seems like you seeing either you uncle or your dad every time you come into the office. I highly recommend this clinic, the staff to anyone struggling with this process. Umm, it’s a very emotional time to go through, trying to have a baby, and to struggle with it emotionally and to have not just your doctor care about what is going on with you, but the entire staff care about where you are at. They are sensitive with what’s going on and I knew I could call and ask questions at any point of time. I just knew that they were here for us.

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