Job overview – Pamela, Medical Assistant, Tucson

Pamela, who is a medical assistant at Reproductive Health Center, Tucson, gives an overview of her work profile. She provides assistance in ultrasounds and inseminations along with carrying out the semen analysis. She uses state of the art technology and devices to carry out the required tests and analysis for the patients. Pamela also mentions that the friendly and personalized atmosphere at her office is what motivates her to continue to good work and in the process, help women overcome infertility in Tucson and realize their dream of motherhood.

Pamela T.d’Auteuil, Med. Asst.

I am Pamela and I am a medical assistant here at Reproductive Health Center. And I work both in the laboratory and out, with patient care. In front I assist with ultrasounds and inseminations and in the back, I actually run the Estradiols for the patients that are in cycle and I also do semen preps for inseminations and do the semen analysis. In our lab for this sperm preps or the semen analysis, we use the SQA-V machine and we also use the microscopes to help do an eye examination of the samples, semen counts, centrifuges, both in the preparation of the samples for insemination. We also an Immulite machine for the Estradiols that we run here for the patients that are either doing In Vitro or just routine Estradiol levels. I really enjoy working here, because it’s really a personal touch kind of a place. With our busy lives, we won’t get to know a lot of people and here, you really connect on a personal level and as a woman, you really helping other woman to achieve something that you either had trouble doing or I’m just have had the joy of being able to do, to have children. And also even when cases don’t turn out particularly well, there’s still this bond that you’ve been able to connect and know that you’ve done a really good job to help them either achieve their dream and accept their life as it turns out.

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