Della Estrada speaks about the role played by acupuncture in increasing the chances of pregnancy in women. Many women, who are under stress due to their infertility issues, have benefited from acupuncture in Tucson. It regulates the menstrual cycle, reenergizes the sperm and improves overall health. One of the major factors that impede conception is stress. That is precisely where acupuncture can be of immense benefit as it decreases stress and anxiety and improves sleep. When providing acupuncture treatment, Della makes sure she uses those protocols that are most likely to enhance the blood flow to the uterus.

Della Estrada, Acupuncturist

Hi, I’m Della Estrada. I provide fertility treatment according to the use of acupuncture for the clinic here. Studies have shown that acupuncture increases by quite a high percentage the possibility of reaching pregnancy and besides from that, acupuncture greatly helps in the stress factor that’s involved with dealing with infertility. So, acupuncture really is quite a benefit to the whole system and the whole process. It’s a wonderful thing. Normally, in my practice, I would normally look at their tongue, their pulses to determine, you know, is this deficiency case, or there’s some axis that needs to be diminished. And then by analysis then I would determine what to work on. And there’s certain organs that are very very important in reproduction in Chinese medicine. So, I always keep that in mind. So, when they refer the patient to me, I always see seem to lean on the use of certain protocols that I’ve studied and learned about, that have had real good success rates. And so I usually use one or two or three protocols that are very well known to help increase blood flow to the uterus which is often a problem.

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