In this video, Joanna Jongsma, who is the front office manager at Reproductive Health Center, Tucson, gives an insight into the patients’ first visit. Before visiting, patients have a telephonic conversation with Joanna, where she gets to know about the various details required to fix an appointment. The patients are subjected to a thorough physical examination during the appointment based on which Dr. Hutchison determines the course of treatment. As Joanna states, the friendly and convivial atmosphere at Reproductive Health Center is what makes it stands out from the rest of the fertility clinics in Tucson.

Joanna Jongsma

Front office manager

Hi, my name is Joanna. I’m the front office manager here. I’ve been with the doctor for ten years now. And my primary job is to get the patients schedules and in to see him. And mostly what happens, the patients will call either on their own or on the recommendation of another doctor or friend to see Dr. Hutchison. And our initial telephone conversation allows us to get all the data that we need to schedule the appointment and walk them through a bunch of questions, because as we go along they tend to, want to a little bit more about this or that, when you schedule your appointment. Patients will come in for their appointment and see the doctor, have some discussion with him based on the history form they filled out of the internet. And then the doctor will do a physical examination on the patient to mostly, physical, like a physical exam and then an ultrasound to have a look at their endometrial lining and ovaries by an ultrasound. And then he’ll bring them back into the consult room to say, here’s my impressions, here’s my recommendations and here’s the next step. And when the next step involves something that I can schedule, like blood work or hysterosalpingogram and x-ray, they will contact me with their menstrual cycle and we’ll go from there. I think the biggest difference on this office is the personal contact. Patients do not get an answering machine when they call. They get a person and they get a person who do everything they can to try and answer the questions with a personal touch.

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